Course Description

Often we think our students understand the instruction they have received and our students think they understand what we have taught. But do they?


What are you doing in your classroom that allows your students to

know that they know?

How do you know that they know?

How Do I Know

Participants will learn several strategies that will allow students to articulate what they are learning and have learned. Students will be able to explain what they can do and what they know.

Modules Include:

  • Introduction - Start Here!
  • Learners Constructing Meaning
  • Recognizing Who Your Students Are
  • Conditions of Learning
  • The SET Model
  • Assessment & Self-Esteem
  • Resources

Basic + and Custom level participants will have the opportunity to work with Tammy in live support sessions.

PD Hours:

Upon successful completion of the Basic course, participants will get a certificate for 6 hours of PD credit.

Upon successful completion of the Basic+ course, participants will get a certificate for 12 hours of PD credit.

PD credit hours will be determined by the local district/school for the Custom course.

Lead Instructor

Tammy Jones

Meet Your Instructor An educator since 1979, Tammy L. Jones has worked with students from first grade through college. Currently, Tammy is consulting with individual school districts in training teachers on strategies for making content accessible to all learners. Writing integrations as well as literacy connections are foundational in everything Tammy does. Tammy also works with teachers on effective techniques for being successful in the classroom. As a classroom teacher Tammy’s goal was that all students understand and appreciate the content they were studying; that they could read it, write it, explore it, and communicate it with confidence; and that they would be able to use the content as they need to in their lives. Tammy believes that logical reasoning, followed by a well-reasoned presentation of results, is central to the process of learning, and that this learning happens most effectively in a cooperative, student-centered classroom. Tammy believes that learning is experiential and in her current consulting work creates and shares engaging and effective educational experiences.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction - Start Here!

    • Getting Started with Effective Implementation of this Course

  • 2

    Learners Constructing Meaning

    • Learners Constructing Meaning

  • 3

    Recognizing Who Your Students Are

    • My Students as Learners

  • 4

    Conditions of Learning

    • Conditions of Learning

  • 5

    The SET Model

    • Setting the Stage for Learning

  • 6

    Assessment & Self-Esteem

    • Building Self-Esteem Through Assessment

    • How Do I Know That I Know?

  • 7


    • Sample tasks, activities, and templates

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