Course Description

Need a fresh approach to integrating a notebook and

authentic writing into your classroom?

See how the Mathematician's Notebook (MNB) can change the way you teach mathematics as well as how your students learn and experience mathematics.

The MNB...

  • helps students create an organized space for demonstrating their learning process.
  • serves as a formative instructional tool as well as a portfolio of the students’ learning experiences, which provides rich documentation for their mathematical thinking development.
  • is a tangible representation of the mathematical process standards and common core mathematical practices.
  • serves as a platform for turning conjecture into modeling and STEM curriculum integrations.

Participants will create their own notebook and leave with ideas for investigations, pre-made materials ready for use, and ideas for implementing the notebook into the classroom.

Basic + and Custom level participants will have the opportunity to work with Tammy in learning how to design effective anchor tasks and investigations for specific topics as well as support for writing, vocabulary, and intervention.

Lead Instructor

Tammy Jones

Meet Your Instructor An educator since 1979, Tammy L. Jones has worked with students from first grade through college. Currently, Tammy is consulting with individual school districts in training teachers on strategies for making content accessible to all learners. Writing integrations as well as literacy connections are foundational in everything Tammy does. Tammy also works with teachers on effective techniques for being successful in the classroom. As a classroom teacher Tammy’s goal was that all students understand and appreciate the content they were studying; that they could read it, write it, explore it, and communicate it with confidence; and that they would be able to use the content as they need to in their lives. Tammy believes that logical reasoning, followed by a well-reasoned presentation of results, is central to the process of learning, and that this learning happens most effectively in a cooperative, student-centered classroom. Tammy believes that learning is experiential and in her current consulting work creates and shares engaging and effective educational experiences.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction - Start Here!

    • Read First

    • The Mathematician's Notebook- Chronicling a Student's Journey Introduction Action Guide

    • Summary of The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

    • Habits of Mind Poster

    • MNB Introduction

  • 2

    Why the MNB: The Research

    • Students Learning Math

    • The Mathematicians Notebook Chronicling a Students Journey Why the MNB Action Guide

    • Why the MNB? Presentation Deck

    • Describing 16 Habits of Mind Costa and Kallick

    • Habits of Mind: An Organizing Principle for Math Cuoco, et al

    • Using Writing in Mathematics to Deepen Student Learning

    • Five Good Reasons to Use Notebooks

  • 3

    Assessment & the MNB:

    • Rubrics & Student Ownership: The Transformational Power of the MNB

    • Assessments & the MNB Action Guide

    • Assessment & the MNB

    • Assessment & Rubrics in the MNB video

    • Student Resources for Good Mathematics Work Samples video

    • MNB Rubric with 2 per page primary & general to download

    • Mathematicians Notebook assessment 2 per page to download

    • Primary Mathematicians Notebook assessment 2 versions to download

  • 4

    Components of the MNB: Appendices

    • Ideas for Vocabulary, Journal, and More

    • Components of the MNB Appendices Action Guide

    • MNB: A Vocabulary Task

    • Components of the MNB: Appendices slide deck

    • TN Math Users Guide April 2009 Appendix F Vocabulary in Focus

  • 5

    Components of the MNB: Inputs & Outputs

    • Investigations & Reflections

    • Components of the MNB Input Output Action Guide

    • Components of the MNB input and output slide deck

    • Input and Output in the MNB video

    • MNB Some activity pages and graphic organizers

    • Reflection Packet

    • Opportunities for Questioning Moving Both the Learner and the Learning Forward Whitepaper Texas and Jones 2013

  • 6

    MNB: Making it Your Own

    • Effective & Successful Implementation

    • The MNB Making it Your Own slide deck

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